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Meet Reggie Harris

Reggie Harris Headshot.jpeg

Reggie brings an unparalleled depth of experience to the intersection of politics, advocacy, and the burgeoning field of psychedelic and medicinal fungi. With over a decade immersed in political campaigns, from local city council races to steering presidential elections, Reggie has a proven track record of effecting change.

On the West Coast, Reggie played a pivotal role in the transformation of Oakland public schools by collaborating with the Black Organizing Project, advocating for the replacement of police with guidance counselors. As the campaign manager for western and southwestern states with Color of Change P.A.C., he successfully turned Nevada blue, leaving an indelible mark on the political landscape.

Beyond politics, Reggie has carved a niche as a consultant in the global mushroom industry, working with the largest cultivators in both the United States and The Netherlands. Notably, he provided key guidance for establishing the largest commercial mushroom farm and cutting-edge testing lab in Jamaica.

In the last two years, Reggie has founded Oakland Hyphae, a pioneering entity that hosted the Psilocybin Cup and The Oakland Psychedelic Conference, positioning itself as the epicenter of impactful psychedelic events in 2021. Co-founding Hyphae Labs, Reggie leads the charge in psychedelic mushroom potency testing, contributing to the industry's advancement.

Expanding his ventures, Reggie founded Hyphae Nootropics, offering a range of adaptogenic medicinal fungi, from Cordyceps to Lion's Mane. In addition, Reggie has ventured into the media landscape with the establishment of Hyphae Leaks, a substack newsletter, and Hyphae Leaks podcast in partnership with Psychedelics Today. Through these platforms, Reggie aims to tackle taboo topics within the psychedelic community, fostering open discussions about subjects that are often overlooked or avoided.

His commitment to supporting "the little guy" and safeguarding legacy plant medicine workers is evident in his advocacy efforts. Reggie actively works towards creating barriers to entry, preventing large corporations from dominating the industry, a concern he witnessed in the cannabis sector.

Drawing on over a decade of domestic experience in the U.S. cannabis industry, Reggie serves on the Advisory Board for Decriminalizing Nature. His unwavering commitment extends to social justice causes, notably in The Movement for Black Lives, and advocating for the abolition of the police state. Reggie's multifaceted journey reflects a relentless pursuit of positive change and a determination to safeguard the integrity of emerging industries while championing underrepresented voices.

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