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We are unbelievably excited to be hosting you all this weekend for the 2nd annual Oakland Psychedelic Conference! this weekend! September 17-18, presented by @oakland.hyphae and @hyphaelabs , creators of the first Psilocybin Cup and countless other psychedelic focused educational events. We've tried our best to call in some of the most interesting folks that we know of in the space. Thank you for taking the time and making yourself available to contribute to another event that is sure to be epic!


This event will have:

+Over 25 Panel Discussions and Interactive Workshops

+ Over 60 Speakers and Presenters

+ Interactive Workshops

+ Art | Culture | Music | Vendors

+ Zen & Kush After Party hosted by @lizzyjeff

+ Community building and networking with expert cultivators, sacred medicine stewards, and plant medicine enthusiasts that rarely come together at one place.

Saturday 9/17


Saturday 9/17

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