Cultivar Specific Data

Find the fruit that works for you!

We have been working with cultivators to better understand expected potency ranges for their cultivars. While there are still many important lessons to learn we want to stress the importance of building a basis for future conversations. The following are compiled cup data to represent specific cultivars and their expected potency ranges based on the testing we have been engaged in.

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Albino Avery

Known for their distinctly large gilled, all-white fruit, a true albino lineage thought to originate from Cambodia. A well known cultivar with lots of information surrounding both its cultivation and use, typically recreational or microdosing effects.


Albino Burma

Originating in Thailand, these white-gold typically thin stiped and capped fruit are known for their potency. Supposedly gifted to John Allen by a Thai student who took spore prints from fruit found on buffalo dung near the city of Rangoon.




From the 'True Albino Golden Teacher' lineage, this cultivar tends to have colored spores and light-tan gold caps with completely white stipes except where blue-bruising occurs. Originally worked on by Jik Fibs and the True Albino Teacher (TAT) Syndicate to stability.




A North American Landrace that originates from Arkansas but occurs in the wild in the Southern United States. Known for its fat yellow-orange caps with stocky white-tan stipes, these cultivars are known for prolific flushes. originally worked on by a mycologist using the name 'Hill Billy'.




Supposedly off-shoots of the Penis Envy lineage, also known as 'Homestead Penis Envy'. The lineage is known for their bent stipes and wavy-caps compared to the other Penis Envy lineages. The company Homestead were the group to take the Terrence McKenna - Richard Guitierrez Penis Envy Lineage to this point. Named after the home planet of the 19080's sitcom character A.L.F.




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